September 23rd – December 13th 2019 | VIRTUAL CONTEST | 14+ Event

2019 Competition Closed

The 2019 IBM Q Awards Competition Has Ended
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The IBM Q Awards competition has ended. Thank you and congratulations to all of those that participated this year. Whether you went after one or more challenges, we would like to thank you for taking the time to compete in the IBM Q Awards this year.

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Whether you're a student, educator or developer there is a way to get involved!

Teach Me Qiskit Video Award:

Create a video presentation (single or multiple videos) on a specific focus topic in quantum computing supported by an interactive tutorial (single or multiple Jupyter Notebooks) that uses Qiskit and the IBM Q Experience.

First Place: $1,500

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Quantum Game Award

Create an interactive game that uses Qiskit and the IBM Q Experience

First Place: $1,500

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Teach Me Qiskit Award

Awarded for: Best interactive self-paced tutorial (single or multiple Jupyter Notebooks) that explains a specific focus topic in quantum computing using Qiskit and the IBM Q Experience.

First Place: $1,500

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Circuit Optimization Developer Challenge

Create an optimizer that will improve the performance of running circuits on real hardware.

First Place: $4,000 
Second Place: $1,500

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IBM Q Best Paper Award

Create a high-impact scientific paper that uses the IBM Q Experience and Qiskit as a tool to achieve the presented results

First Place: $2,500
Second Place: $1,500

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Teach Me Quantum Award

Create university-level course-materials for a lecture series incorporating the IBM Q Experience and Qiskit.

First Place: $8,000
Second Place: $4,000
Third Place: $2,000

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An open-source framework for working with noisy quantum computers at the level of pulses, circuits, and algorithms.
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IBM Q Experience

To get started quickly, work with quantum circuits and run experiments on real quantum systems on the IBM Q Experience – the most widely used and accessible quantum cloud platform. Easily program with Qiskit seamlessly integrated into the platform, so no installation is required. View Here

Coding with Qiskit YouTube Series

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Quantum Computing Stack Exchange

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  • Submissions must use Qiskit or the IBM Q Experience as part of their project.
  • Teams of up to five (5) participants, each at least 14 years old, are allowed.
  • A participant may not be part of multiple teams.
  • All team members must have accepted the 2019 Participation Agreement at the time they register to be eligible. Please review the participation agreement to see the complete contest guidelines.
  • Applications must be new and built for the 2019 competition, but they may use code that was open sourced and publicly available to all other participants as of September, 2019.
  • Winning teams will be subject to a code review after submissions close.


Who may participate?

Individuals who are 14+. People employed by a government-owned entity may be allowed to participate but may not be allowed to collect the cash prize. Employees of IBM may not participate.


How are Teams formed?

Team may be created in advance using the IBM Q Virtual Hackathon site and will be comprised of one to five individuals.

Remember that each of your teammates need to register individually, but your final submission can be as a team.

How will my projects be judged?

We use as a hackathon event facilitation platform. Please review individual award categories for the specific criteria used to judge that category.


What is the Fresh Code Rule?

All code developed as part of this Contest Program must be “fresh”, meaning that the portion that’s included in the main source code repository has been developed explicitly for this Contest Program and that all existing dependent libraries are equally available to all participants. Before the start of this Contest Program, developers can create wireframes, designs and user flows. To keep things fair, all code used in a Submission must be written during the Contest Period. You may use any coding languages or open-source libraries.

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